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Welcome to our online store sklep

NORENCO POLAND is a Norwegian-Polish manufacturer of industrial cleaning supplies we have operated since 1997. We offer chemicals and equipment for hygiene and disinfection, professional advice and training on Good Hygiene Practice. Norenco Poland cleaning supplies are based on advanced technologies which ensure the final product of highest quality and efficiency. We supply:

  • Food Processing Sector - processing of fruit and vegetables, production of juices, beverages, mayonnaise, spices, meat processing, etc.
  • Bakeries - we provide a full range of cleaning agents for ovens, machines and equipment for each stage of production of bread and biscuits.
  • Mushroom farms - products for disinfection, hot water high-pressure washers
  • Cleaning services - efficient concentrates and machinery to companies serving offices, shopping centers, industrial plants, construction industry
  • Hotels and restaurants - a full range of resources to maintain cleanliness in the restaurant and hotel sector
  • Home and Garden - professional products for home use, dedicated to trading companies, supermarkets, specialist stores
  • Automotive industry - products for touchless washing of trucks and cars, engines, workshop floors, tanks, upholstery, wheels.
  • Construction industry - highly effective products to remove mineral deposits from clinker bricks, paving stones, construction machinery and equipment, and general disinfection.
  • Laundries - products reinforcing the cleaning effect of laundry detergents, stain removers, bleaches.

For our customers - food producers, we prepare programs for cleaning and disinfection in accordance with the requirements of HACCP

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Welcome to our online store!